The Echo Difference.

By Millennials

Our finger is firmly planted on the pulse of today’s trends for an important reason – we’re the target market. We’re founded and run by Millennial entrepreneurs.

One Funding Source

Our capital comes from a single, streamlined family source, enabling us to laser-focus on our partners – not on fundraising or managing investors.

Operational Expertise

We help our entrepreneurial partners reach their maximum potential by leveraging decades of experience and the robust resources of our sister company, CIG.

Smarter Money

Money talks. We’ve had our ear to the ground for decades in the CPG space, knowing just how to listen for trends in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.

Our Story.

In 2014, ECHO emerged from Denver-based Consolidated Investment Group, the family-owned investment firm of the co-founder of Hot Pockets™, giving us unprecedented resources, access and operational expertise in the CPG space. These combined forces provide a groundbreaking strategic team for our forward-thinking partners. Since then, we have positioned ourselves alongside some of the most cutting-edge startups in the industry as a strategic growth partner and capital provider.

Our Story.
Sabrina is the Principal of Echo Capital Group as well as serving as the Vice President of Corporate Strategy for the international investment firm, Consolidated Investment Group. CIG is the family office behind the co-founder of Hot Pockets®, David Merage, and focuses on investing in real estate, capital markets, direct private equity, and philanthropic activities. Echo Capital Group and CIG combine their expertise and resources to collaborate in exciting transactions in the food and beverage space and beyond.  Sabrina also founded the Sabrina Merage Foundation in 2008 to empower partners and community leaders to create paradigm shifts that spark inclusiveness between diverse societies. SMF has been a strong partner and funder for agents of change to create innovative solutions to bigotry and divisiveness and develop strong communities that unite people, instead of dividing them. She has been invited to speak at conferences all over the country for family members and advisors alike, and has been featured in magazines and business articles for her work with ECHO, CIG, and the Sabrina Merage Foundation.
Benjamin Levy is Managing Partner of Echo Capital Group where he directs investments for the firm, and advises partner companies on marketing and business planning through board service . Ben has extensive experience in small business management, board facilitation, marketing, and strategic planning. Currently, Ben also serves as Private Equity Manger at Consolidated Investment Group (CIG), where he identifies, pursues, and closes corporate acquisitions in the food and beverage industry. He is responsible for due diligence and post-acquisition strategic plans for each company. Previously, Ben founded an internationally acclaimed arts organization, where he served as Artistic Director for 11 years. Through his development of a broad network of art aficionados consisting of government, corporate, and high net-worth individuals, the company’s operating profit grew at an average rate of 40% per year under his direction.
Stephen Daubert is a Portfolio Advisor to Echo Capital Group, where he provides financial analysis, due diligence, deal sourcing, and marketing support to the team. Stephen has experience in business planning, financial modeling, and valuation analysis. Formerly, Stephen served as a senior analyst for Falkenberg Capital, a middle-market investment bank, developing financial models and research on technology and telecommunication sectors. Outside of Stephen’s finance experience, he has successfully founded an automotive search aggregation company, which provides users the ability to search for vehicles across multiple search engines.
Rob contributes over 30 years of executive level management experience in Sales & Marketing focused in the food industry. He is currently a Principal and Managing Director of Insight Investment Group. Insight Investment Group is a Real Estate Holding Company created to focus specific efforts on the acquisition of niche assets in and around the Denver metropolitan area.  Rob is responsible for all acquisitions and directs the management of assets held by Insight Investment Group. Since 2005, he has also been an Executive team member of Consolidated Investment Group with various responsibilities including Corporate Strategy, Associate Goals & Objectives, and Direct Private Equity Acquisition & Diligence. Prior to joining CIG, Rob was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Chef America & Nestle Handheld Food Group, where he provided strategic direction for the development and management of $200 million of core business, including the Hot Pockets® Brand. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the California State Polytechnic University.