Consumer Packaged Goods.

Industries We Love:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Household Care
  • Retail & Services

Values We Look For:

  • Social Impact
  • Innovative Products
  • First-to-market Concepts
  • Ethical Standards
  • Consumer Convenience

Investment Criteria.

Are you Echo? Our ideal candidates are young, ambitious founders who have developed a product that resonates with Gen Y and beyond. These entrepreneurs should be uniquely positioned to tap into the characteristics and buying trends that make Millennials a distinctive consumer in today’s marketplace. We invest in companies that have a proven concept requiring capital and support to reach a sustainable level of national growth and scalability.

Company Size

$1M to $10 Million of Revenue

Equity Investment

$250K to $3 Million


Echo owns minority or majority positions in our partner portfolio companies.

Security Types

As a strategic partner to our portfolio companies, Echo seeks to retain preferred equity.

Investment Criteria

Echo takes on a board seat with each of our investments, and develops a partnership in strategic oversight.

Transaction Types

Echo provides growth capital for young and blossoming businesses.

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Our Portfolio.

Our Portfolio.

Nona Lim

With its suite of flavorful, nutrient-dense broths, noodles, and soups, Nona Lim makes time-honored Asian-inspired recipes using fresh, local, and organic ingredients.
Our Portfolio.

Wilde Brands

Wilde Brands created the first Non-GMO slow roasted meat bar made from grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and ancient grains. Wilde’s innovation continues with the first-to-market protein chip made from real chicken.
Our Portfolio.

Quinn Snacks

Quinn Snacks has reinvented microwave popcorn and is out to disrupt the snack category through delicious products highlighting transparency and traceability.
Our Portfolio.


Bucketfeet is a footwear company that collaborates with a global community of artists to design limited-edition shoes with the goal of sparking meaningful conversations to create a brighter world.
Our Portfolio.


Flo is a first of its kind and proprietary water control system for homes and buildings that virtually eliminates flooding caused by plumbing failures, saves billions and empowers conservation
Our Portfolio.

Stack Wine

Stack Wine has created an ingenious proprietary design made up of four individually sealed, shatterproof cups of premium California wines that are stacked on top of one another and conveniently snap apart.
Our Portfolio.

Boomerang's Pies

Flaky handheld pastries filled with delicious meats and/or vegetables. Boomerang's Pies are an Aussie inspired meal for the healthy American palate.